🌄   Peach Sunrise Moisturizing Shampoo Bar 2 oz.

🌄 Peach Sunrise Moisturizing Shampoo Bar 2 oz.

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We are dropping some bars to make washing your hair a lot more fun!

Are you new to  using shampoo bars?

Our  Moisturizing Shampoo bar is detergent free and an environmentally friendly way to cleanse and moisturize all hair and scalp types without stripping your natural oils. It also makes a great conditioner.

It's layered with a luxurious blend of Moroccan Argan oil. Kokum (Coke-um) Butter and Silk to give a rich, creamy bubbly lather. Great for all hair textures.

This tropical treat resemble a sunrise (or sunset) depending on your mood.

Our 2 oz. bar is TSA APPROVED

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Calendula Extract, Carrageenan Extract, Hydrolyzed Silk, Kokum Butter, Marshmallow Extract,  Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower Extract, Fragrance, K.E. Botanical Blend, Color Additive.

Hydrolyzed Silk: will improve your hair's elasticity, resiliency, and increases your hair's ability to hold moisture while adding shine and smoothness.

Kokum (Coke-um) Butter: is perfect for stimulating the scalp for healthy hair growth. It helps cell oxygenation, making nutrients more readily available for use by scalp/skin tissues - which helps promote hair growth.

Directions: Glide the bar over and under your hair and massage lather into your scalp. Rinse and repeat if necessary. 

Tip:  When natural soaps remain in water between uses, they become soft and do not last as long as they otherwise would. Grab a low-cost & easy-to-clean soap dish that will allow the water to drain off.

From time to time we may have ingredient changes to some of our products due to newer more natural raw materials or botanicals becoming available. These changes could make a product look slightly different from its predecessor in color, fragrance and texture, but rest assured the performance of the product will be the same or better with the ingredient change.