Thanks for stopping by to get to know me better. I am Tameka Walker CEO and Founder of Koshajay Essentials LLC. I am a mother of four beautiful children. This is where the name KOSHAJAY originated by taking pieces of my children's name and blending them together.


During my hair journey I have tried so many products and I finally found out what works for dry, lack luster natural hair. I researched ingredients that will provide that extra moisture that natural hair needs. I also noticed that the lack of information or knowledge has caused women to use harsh chemicals to alter their natural hair. I felt the need to help others to get back to the basics by providing salon and spa quality natural ingredients for the hair. 

 Koshajay Essentials' business mission is to assist people to understand how to care for their skin and how to style their hair by providing, moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening natural ayurvedic products.

 Koshajay Essentials LLC is a socially responsible woman owned company dedicated to hand making all of our personal care products in small batches. We never compromise the integrity of our product. We are committed to being 100% natural all of the time. 

All of KOSHAJAY ESSENTIALS' products are developed and designed to meet specific needs with the core philosophy of providing natural NOURISHING, MOISTURIZING and STRENGTHENING salon and spa quality natural products for your hair, skin and body.

NOURISHING: We use high quality ingredients that contain substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

MOISTURIZING: We thrive to use ingredients to help revitalize and restore moisture to the hair and body.

STRENGTHENING: Whatever your hair needs, after you use KOSHAJAY'S products, the excellent results will speak for themselves.